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"Welcome! I have been an active dreamer ever since I can remember. I had a dream when I was about 12 years old that really got my attention. I intuitively knew it was important to work with the symbols and messages I was receiving through my dreams before I discovered that there were methods and theories about dreamwork. I have been journaling and working with my dreams over the years. I have shared dreams with friends, and my dreams have even inspired some of my artwork and writing. I believe valuable insights can be gained through working with our dreams by bringing the messages into our daily waking life. I love connecting with Spirit through dreams, using intuition and imagination. I am inspired by my family, a love for animals, nature walks, yoga, meditation, art, being creative and looking for beauty in every day life." - Amy O'Toole

Sweet Dreams!

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Learn what symbols, stories and messages your own Dream Maker has to share with you! Bring those insights into your daily awareness to create a beautiful life!
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